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Its time to Transform your game!


APE Mode

The best APE Training has to offer!

Includes three training sessions per week:

  • Allows your athlete to redefine themselves in the field of play and unleash their potential.

  • All aspects of athletic performance relative to their sport will be addressed for max performance

  • Detailed tracking of progress throughout their personalized program.

  • Exclusive discounts from our GradeApeSwag apparel online store,



Phenom Training

 Includes two day of training per week.

  • All the benefits of Elite Fitness Program and more.

  •  additional day of APE training your athlete will receive:

  • Faster results working towards their athletic goals

  • Greater focus on Obtaining Maximum Strength

  • Greater focus on Plyometric Power


Elite Fitness

Includes one training session per week

  • Your athlete will receive personalized fitness plan based on their developmental needs.

  • Injury prevention, strength stability and flexibility training will be the bases of getting your athlete to the next level.

  • Your athlete will learn about their body and how to overcome its limitations.

APE Services

Our training Programs will allow your athlete to compete in ways they never thought possible. Helping them to realize what their body is capable of , and getting the most out what they have been given.


      The question is, how DEDICATED are you?

Let's Work Together

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