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Coach Jay is a experienced Performance Enhancement Specialist and Personal Trainer serving athletes of all ages here in Kitsap county. His passion for mentoring young athletes stem from his years as a basketball and football Coach.

   He began his journey as a personal trainer with his own son in their home Gym. He quickly noticed the benefit of training his own son and wanted to make the same opportunity available to athletes in the Kitsap area.

    He now helps develop not only football and basketball players but athletes of all sports who are in need of advanced sports performance training.  



Marshuad is an experienced athletic trainer and an accomplished athlete in his own right. He has made great contribution to athletes ranging from 10-25yo. Recreational youth athletes to Olympic hopefuls.

He holds multiple lifting records at South Kitsap High School. He's also a 2x first team-all league RB and a Semi-Professional Football Champion. He is excited to work with your athlete and help them accomplish their goals.

Osei Wilks


Osei is a NASM Certified Trainer. He is motivated by the is desire to see your athlete excel in ways they never thought possible. 

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