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Benefits of APE


  One of the greatest benefits that come from a well-designed training program is confidence. The confidence we seek to instill in your child is not limited to sports performance. Having a strong work ethic and a high level of self-worth will assist in the development of each athlete. We push all our clients to capitalize on all the opportunities that are before them.

  Sometimes that requires them to step outside their comfort zone and challenge themselves not just in our training sessions but also in life. Here at APE we encourage all athletes to not just take what is given to them, but seek higher levels of achievement and set high expectations and be comfortable with their short comings.


Injury prevention training is essential to the longevity of your athlete. Losing playing time due to injury can have a heavy impact on the moral of a player, especially when an injury is reoccurring. Our program is centered around corrective exercise and flexibility training; two keys in preventing non-contact injuries.

  As athletes grow their muscles and motor skills develop at different rates. Depending on the rate of growth and consistency of various movements, athletes often develop compensations in order to make movement which can lead to overloading of muscle groups and lead to injuries.

 We first and for most correct movement patterns and strengthen muscles groups associated with joint stability. This helps your athlete be safe when playing the sports they love!

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